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Chinese acrobatics is a flower of arts that has been widely known for several thousand years and enjoyed great prestige in the world for its superb and unsurpassed glamour. Tianqiao in Beijing as the birthplace of Chinese acrobatics, its acrobatics is famous for its difficulty, ingenuity, exclusiveness and beauty. Established in 1957 in Tianqiao, Beijing Acrobatic Troupe is an organization for professional acrobatic performance that has always inherited the quintessence of traditional acrobatics, relied on the deposits of Beijing Xuannan culture and possessed its unique artistic style and innovation consciousness. Over the more than five decades, it has been active on the artistic stage both home and abroad and usually goes abroad to carry out visiting performance and assumes many domestic performance tasks. Since 1996, Beijing Acrobatic Troupe has cooperated with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil of Canada for over then years and performed in many countries and regions worldwide, including Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Beijing Acrobatic Troupe has developed a great batch of excellent programs, and “Little Girls Playing Diabolo” and “Surpass--Double Poles Climbing” are two representatives of the latest comprehensive art acrobatics, which fully mobilize music, costume, lighting, stage art and other techniques of expression to create vivid artistic atmosphere, strive for the perfect combination of highly difficult techniques and art, make completely new exploration and positioning of artistic connotation at a deeper level and endue traditional programs with distinct features of the time. Many outstanding programs have won honor for Beijing Acrobatic Troupe over the years.
“Little Girls Playing Diabolo” won the Gold Award in the France Paris Future Acrobatic Festival in 1995 and the Yellow Crane Silver Award in the 2nd China Wuhan International Acrobatic Festival, the Innovation Award issued by the Chinese Acrobatics Artists’ Association and the Best Artistic Performance Award by Cirque du Soleil of Canada before that. “Morning Exercises: Double Poles Climbing” was honored with the Golden Lion Award in the 4th National Acrobatic Competition in 1995. “Millennium Flagpole Waving: Chinese Kungfu” obtained the Silver Lion Award in the 5th National Acrobatic Competition in 2000. “Spin Dishes” won the Bronze Lion Award in the 5th China Wuqiao International Circus Festival in 1995. “Peace Dove: Double Poles Climbing” won the Golden Lion Award in the 4th Children Acrobatic Competition in 2002. “Glasses Balancing” (five people) was awarded the Golden Lion Award in the 6th National Acrobatic Competition in October 2004. “Surpass: Double Poles Climbing” won the top award of the 3rd Moscow International Acrobatic Festival in 2007 and the fifth “Beijing Literature and Art Award” issued by Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal People’s Government in May 2007; and it was selected as a program of the 2008 Spring Festival Gala of CCTV.
Currently, Beijing Acrobatic Troupe has over 150 performers, including more than 100 professionals. Located in Xuanwu District of Beijing, Beijing Acrobatic Troupe possesses a training hall with an area of 1,200 square meters, which combines offices, training and daily life of the troupe together, well satisfying the requirements of art production.
Beijing Acrobatic Troupe under Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre is located at Tianqiao, the “holy land” of Beijing traditional folk culture, and a professional theatre for acrobatic performance. The “Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre” was formerly known as “Wansheng Theatre” and “Wansheng Pavilion” earlier. The famous Pingju opera artist Xin Fengxia ever performed the Pingju opera “Liu Qiaoer” here, making a sensation throughout China. Mr. Laoshe wrote the words “Wangsheng Theatre” for the theatre in 1965. Beijing Acrobatic Troupe carries out excellent acrobatic programs here every afternoon and evening and receives over 200,000 visitors from both home and abroad every year. It is a famous acrobatic performance venue in Beijing.

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